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Bonjinsan was the only certified dealer of calcium polysulphide in the European Union, sold as chemical wood bleaching product; this product is also known in literature as Jin liquid (or lime sulfur).

In 2018, Bonjinsan obtained regular approval and REACH registration (acronym for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) at ECHA (European Chemicals Agency). REACH follows CE Regulation n. 1907/2006, concerning the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemical substances, a set of rules adopted by the European Union to improve human health and environmental protection from risks related to chemical substances, both for industrial use and daily and domestic use.
We meet all the legal requirements with all the exams and authorizations required by the competent bodies at the European level, ensuring the highest quality standards, as well as publishing methods for a safe use of the substance through a compliant and detailed SDS (Safety Data Sheet).

Bonjinsan was aimed to get the well-known Jin liquid out from the irregular market of online sellers lacking any legal authorization and with a dubious product concentration and purity, offering it instead by following all the legal requirements and with the highest quality and safety standards. Our aim is to sell the product to specialized shops as well, offering it at every sales channel at a low price. If you are a retailer interested in our product, contact us!

Our product is obtained through a method refined over several decades of experience, and is finally processed with a filter press that removes any residual impurity. This way the resulting liquid is limpid and very high-quality, with a specific concentration, as high as possible, of lime, and it has the best whitening properties on dead wood among products on the market; at the same time it maintains a marked protective action against xylophagous parasites that, if not eliminated, can lead to wood rotting.

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Videos of masters and bonsai artists who have tried our product in different countries:
Sensei and jin liquid - Salvatore Liporace (Italy)
Bonsai Association Belgium
European Bonsai San Show - Saulieu (France)
European Bonsai School Instructor (Spain)
Artist Bonsai (Czech Republic)
Bonsai Txai (Brazil)
Mountain pine treated with Jin Liquid Bonjinsan (Argentina)

Our liquid is limpid and of particularly high-quality excellent whitening properties

The Jin Liquid that we sell is used to obtain a whitening effect on old wood branches of bonsai

“Art is beauty...
creating is love"

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